Mobile Friendly Update Makes Your Website a Better Place in Google

Mobile Friendly Google Update

In the month of February, Google came up with the announcement that the sites that are properly customized for the mobiles, will be subject to better preference. This announcement was enough to make a great stir in the leading magazines as well as journals, such as the BBC as well as the wall street journal and so on. It was apprehended that more announcements are in store by Google, which will be made advanced. Two more things followed this:

  1. However, after the dubbing process of the mobile-friendly updates resulted into the huge anti-climax which resulted into average ranking for the search engines.
  2. In a number of verticals, this announcement resulted very badly. In fact, some were damaged due to this. This took place a week after.

What was Google’s View?

But even after that the incident did not stop and evoked more results. When the ranking changes took place, that held much significance as by now that a good number of algorithms have taken place. The ranking changes that took place as a result to that made that mobile friendly update much less important. A number of assessments took place at that time to analyze the level of damage.

However, this was not a view shared by Google. They came up with the theory that a number of sites that had the chance to be affected had become mobile friendly with this mobile friendly SEO update. And would stay at the lead. In that way they have come up with the “mission successful” version of the whole event. Also they made the additional claim that the whole event made a huge effect on the search results that even Panda and Penguin is not able to provide. No matter what the queries are by the user, the result is the same.

What was the Scenario?

It was in the year 2013 that Google had to control at least 500 million queries that were fully unseen. Each day these queries would come. The search results that Google came up with were both mobile friendly and general. But the problem was that because of the two types of search results the overall search engine process got affected.

If the search results are money oriented, that is to say, if the results offer a better avenue for selling things to the user, therefore better strategies should be taken in order to make sure that the sites like Panda and Penguin don’t harm the results in any way.

What Opinion do the SEO Service Providers Have?

But then there are the sites that are not targeted for making money. In most of the cases, the site owners remain innocent for the existence of Penguin and Panda in the internet. Therefore their sites either become mobile friendly, or aren’t. When a quality service provider in The SEO services industry comes up, then it is better to seek the help of them. So far making the mobiles friendly sites are concerned, they are well aware of the intricacies of SEO process as well as know very well that most of the sites by now are mobile friendly and therefore there isn’t any requirement for any additional mobile friendliness.


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