SEO Resources for Marketers – Boost Traffic and Make Profit


Search engine optimization or SEO is all about improving the ranking of your website in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It requires special attention to a number of moving parts that include – your business objectives, progressions and priorities in different areas. However, those targets are changing continuously due to internal as well as external pressure. Though this is a stressful position, you do not have to complete the work yourself. SEO uses technology for your benefit and different technologies exist to make the path easy and simple. Some of them are paid while others are free for entrepreneurs and marketers and they are amongst the most effective tool for SEO purpose. There are various SEO companies in London that are helping businesses to boost their site’s ranking and get more traffic for making huge profit.

Check out some latest SEO tools that are easy to use, beneficial and of course, free of cost.

  • Google Analytics –

    ga2Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that keeps a track of several websites. You have to install a customized generated analytics script on the website to begin with tracking complete analysis about your site’s traffic. This includes – knowing from where the traffic is coming, understanding the behavior of visitors on your website and monetary factors such as the rate of conversion. This will help you know how effective SEO campaign is and find out different ways to improve in various dimensions.


  • Google Webmaster Tools – webmaster-toolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is actually a good complement to Analytics. This provides you with in-depth and technical information about the present performance, ranking of your website and other changes in the search results. You will be given warning if your site’s link is broken or down or if you have violated any Google policies. Also, you can access information like how the biggest search engine, Google indexes your website and recommendations on various onsite SEO factors such as meta-descriptions and title tags.
  • Open Site Explorer –

    moz-open-site-explorerOpen Site Explorer has a detailed function than Google Analytics that specializes in analyzing inbound link profiles. At times, considered as search engine for links, Open Site Explorer will enable you to discover and evaluate all links that are pointing your website. This is very important for determining the growth of your page authority, domain name and finding your competitors to know what SEO strategies they are using. It can be used to remove bad links and make out your potential paths for the development of back links. You may contact a reputable SEO agency for better ranking of your site.

  • Google Keyword Planner keywordplanerWith Google Keyword Planner, Adwords can be used, however it works perfect for organic keyword research. You will be able to generate innumerable ideas for the targeted keywords and keyphrases, finding out information like search volume and competition for the probable targets.


  • SEO Moz’s Keyword Explorer –

    seo-mozs-keyword-explorerThough it is advantageous, Google’s Keyword Planner is not that perfect. However, it is Moz’s Keyword Explorer that tries to make a connection with extra keyword research tools such as detailed information about search volume and more recommendations like selecting the right keywords.

  • SEMRushsemrushSEMRush has free as well as paid version. The free version is useful too as you can explore your SEO and competitors’ positions that will guide your strategies into competitive directions.



  • QuickSprout –

    quicksproutQuickSprout provides free SEO audit tool online and as such, it should have a place in the list. You can use it for evaluating different SEO services, competition rates and traffic of your website by clicking a button.

  • Spider View Simulator –

    spider-view-simulatorThe biggest search engine, Google index websites in the search engine through web crawling bots or spiders that scour the Internet for further information. These spiders are directed in several ways, positive as well as negative, to create an impression of your site. For example, they might skip over a particular section of your website, in case you block it accidentally. With the help of Spider View Simulator, you can view your website in the way a spider would, thus discover and avoid these problems proactively.

  • BuzzSumo –

    buzzsumo-logo-drb-400x250BuzzSumo has got a free version that does not have all facilities of the full version. However, it can be used for content marketing strategy. You will be able to look into the popularity of different topics for your content and find influencers who will support your SEO campaign.

  • SERPs Rank Checker –

    semrushEarlier, search rankings were believed to be the main indicator for the success of Search Engine Optimization. Thanks to Google updates such as Panda and Hummingbird, keyword-based rankings are not as linear, predictable or valuable as they had been before. It is quite helpful to know the ranking patterns for targeted keywords and your perfect challenge would be SERPs Rank Checker as Google will not provide you the information directly. This tool will help you keep an eye on the rankings for several keyword terms, key phrases and see how your site ranks on top amongst the competitors.

These SEO tools will help you plan, measure, execute and refine your strategy in easier and productive ways. Each tool has something exclusive to provide and as they are free to use, you can try out all of them. Thus, try experimenting with all these tools to know if they may fit your SEO strategy and use them to get the most effective result. Besides, get in touch with a SEO company in London when planning to improve the ranking of your website in the search results.


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